Wet and Wild Weekend

It was the bachelorette party weekend! Wow. 19 girls, 1 15 passenger van, and a very gracious Father in law who drove us everywhere, makes for a great time!~ Our theme was "Welcome to the Jungle" and everyone looked great! I will spare you the 100 plus pictures I took and just give you a few!

Clearly the moment of the night...Nicole rapping "shoop" at Slim's....we all know she should be a rapper and tonight she got to prove it!

Sunday we were invited to Nile's birthday party. There was a water slide, as you can see by the picture, a pool, and a slip and slide. Bryson enjoyed all of them except for the slide...the look he gave that slide when he got off was priceless. I wish I could of caught it but I was too busy laughing.

And here are all the kids at the party!

As you can imagine, I am beat today, but what a great weekend! No major plans for this weekend, maybe get some of my "projects" completed.


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