Floods, Picnics, and Pools!

What a crazy weekend! Friday night on the way home from work, the sky turned very ominous and dark. I hate storms so I of course drove well over the speed limit to get home. I got home just in time before the torrential rain showers. The aftermath of those showers is shown in some pictures here. The sky cleared up and we decided to head into town for a bite to eat. Went by the firestation, water not even close to building, hour later after eating, water all the way up to the firestation. We had to take some gravel roads to get out of town and get home, but we made it.

Saturday Kyle, I, and B took the ole stroller and ran into town to watch Ben coach the Williamsburg baseball team. The Raiders did not win but it was fun to watch a game, and Bryson got to play with Carson and Griff, which he certainly enjoyed. After the game was done we thought a picnic in the park would be nice, I jogged to the store, got some sandwhiches while the boys played in park. It was so nice in the shade and we had a blast. Bryson fell asleep on the jog home, and slept for about 3 hours that afternoon. He was spent.

Sunday rolls around. Happy Father's Day Kyle and Dad. Kyle usually spends it golfing with his dad, which he did, after the rain stopped. We then headed into Kyles grandparents for a little while. Rounding off the evening, we went for a swim at the Aquatic Center. The water felt great, and and Bryson was a fish. I find that I need to get him one of those suits with the lifejacket in it. He just walks right out into the water, thinking he can float. He enjoyed watching Dad go off the diving board, and mom go down the big big slide.

What a great weekend!


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