Busy Busy Busy

Another busy weekend has come and gone. We spent most of the weekend outside, planting flowers, cleaning up things, playing, feeding the cows...etc..Saturday afternoon we had friends over to grill and had a great time (forgot the camera card at home, pictures will be edited in tomorrow) Amelia, Averie, and Bryson were having a blast, and I enjoyed Megs, Laci, and Roshnis company while the guys grilled.
We really couldn't get a good picture of the three, they would not stand still! It was so funny!

Sunday we ventured to church and then out to breakfast with Pappa and Grandma, and LouAnn...boy do we love pancakes. Bryson and I could eat pancakes for every meal...wouldn't that look good on the thighs. We capped the night off enjoying some pizza on the screened porch with Jeb and Nicole.

Thanks to a storm early this morning, I was wide awake at 3 and had trouble getting back to sleep. Work could get long today!


  1. hey--i'm usually home by 5:45. you can always put the books in a bag & throw them by the front door. whatever is easiest for you! i also can't wait for new moon!


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