Another tragedy in Parkersburg

(Please push play on the music to the right. I think it embodies what Coach T believed so strongly in)

What happened yesterday will live in the town of Parkersburgs minds forever. Our football coach, mentor, elder at the church, athletic director, was shot down in the weight room at the high school. Every day in the summer you would find him at the weight room, every day for 34 years...every day. Not anymore. Sitting here, I cry because I went to church with this man, I talked to him everyday in high school, I helped him get ready for special sporting events. He wasn't just a coach, teacher to me, he was a friend, a good friend, and now I and the town of Parkersburg have been robbed of that continuing friendship. I mourn for Aaron, Ellie, their boys, Todd, and Candace, and Jan...all of whom I grew up with and am close to. I mourn because those grandkids who sat on their grandpas lap during church won't have that anymore. I know everyone knows it but I feel that writing about it somewhat helps the hurt. I mourn for the Becker family, I can't imagine what they are going through, and I cry for Mark whose life took such a wrong turn that it led him to kill a man. And lastly, I mourn for a town who so heavily depended on this man to bring us back from the Tornado of 2008, a man who asked you how you were if he saw you on the street, and a man so devoted to his family and church.

Coach Thomas, I will miss going to the school for events and chatting with you. It won't be the same without a "Hey Spreer" in the hallways, in church, and around town. I will definetly not forgot your "wishing" I was a boy so I could play on the Offensive Line for you. God Bless!


  1. Well written, Casey.

    I am so, so sorry.

    We didn't live in Parkersburg long, but the Thomas family was one of the few I remember...there must be a reason for it.


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