A finished project

I finally got my window for my bedroom done. It took forever it feels like. Trying to find moments to work on it is becoming more of a challenge. I LOVE how it turned out. I took pictures from my stash and just placed them in there. I will show a full view on Monday, my bed wasn't made so I didn't want to include that on the picture, but the headboard is below this picture.

Bryson had his first sweetcorn. It was okay, he loved it but mom and dad are waiting for the real good stuff, not this early season stuff.

I am heading up to Parkersburg tonight to spend some time with the family. We are venturing to the Butler County Fair to watch the Chuckwagon Races, and to see if Bryson can catch himself a rabbit or rooster in the scrambles. Don't worry I will take plenty of pictures and plenty of video. Something funny is sure to happen. I am also going up to pay my respects to Coach Thomas, with the visitation on Sunday and the funeral on Monday. It will most definetly not be easy.

Have a great weekend!


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