What a weekend!

What a great, busy, emotional weekend. We had so much fun in Parkersburg. The town is rebuilding and houses are going up everywhere.Got home on Friday night, had some pizza with the family. Saturday morning, race time! The race went great besides being downpoured on the last mile, but it distracted us from the huge hills that we had to run up
My cousin Leslie, me, Kyle, my sisters Nicole and Rachael, after the race
1st Mile, still going strong
The rain stopped after the race and the sun came out and it was a beautiful afternoon, visiting the new Grocery Store that went up, and enjoying all the dowtown sales. Bryson got in a little horseriding and boy does he love Daffy! Thank you Aunt Debby! Also, the new playground equipment that was put up is amazing. I think my sisters and I had more fun on it than the kids did.

Saturday night the cousins attended the street dance downtown and had a great time.

Lastly, we remember those we lost on Memorial Day. I lost my grandfather 4 years ago (still can't believe it has been 4 years already) I was sitting by his stone, crying, and I look over and catch Bryson kissing the stone. I lost it and caught it on camera. R.I.P. Dorothy Uhlenhopp (1993) and Calvin Spree (2004)


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