Twilight the movie....

I finished reading Twilight a week or so ago and I knew I just had to see the movie. The book had me so engulfed in Bella and Edwards "love" that I couldn't wait to see it play out on the big screen. I was wrong.......I felt no passion, no heat from Bella and Edward except for one scene. The acting was terrible and I felt like they rushed through the plot of the book leaving out critical thoughts and events. Oh well, I still love the books, and now I can place a face with the characters as I continue on with my Twilight Addiction. I will anxiously await the next movie installment of New Moon and hope that it will far exceed the first one!

On another note, I have been training for a half marathon, but the ole knees can't hack it after 5 miles so I am thinking I am going to do a triathalon instead. Running about 3 miles, biking, and swimming. I think I could handle that better. We will see I guess.


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