Thank You Amy B!

So, thanks to Amy B, I am going to be reading Eclipse, the 3rd installment in the Twilight series. I was starting to panic because I have not had my Edward fix in two days, and the suspense to find out what happens was unbearable. I am okay now, I have the book in my hand.

Got a good run in last night, 4 miles, and Bryson rode around in the tractor with Kyle while I went running. That was nice. I am beginning a new craft project tonight before I immerse myself in my book. I will post pictures of the process. I think this will be neat.
My poor father in law. When one kid rides in the tractor. They all you can see Bryson is in heaven!


  1. no problem. glad i could help. i remember reading those books & not being able to wait to start the next one. they are so good!


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