Parkersburg...Renewal and Rememberance

I am heading back to Parkersburg tonight for a weekend to "celebrate" an Anniversary and what happened a year ago on Memorial Day, when a tornado ravaged our small town and practically everything in it. Celebrate is not a word I would use but I will go back to celebrate these things. I am going back to celebrate that as a town we came together and have helped each other rebuild and reclaim what was lost. I am going back to celebrate that my parents(who lost their home) and family, who decided to visit me on a whim, were and are safe and alive, and are now in a new home. Lastly, I am going back to celebrate a love for my town that I grew up in. I need the reassurance, that yes, Parkersburg is bouncing back and we are going to be stronger than ever. I am placing some pictures of the tornado on here. When I get back from this weekend, I will place the after photos on! Please have a safe and wonderful Memorial Weekend!

P.S. I am also going back so I can beat my husband in the EF5K Fundraiser Race!


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