Biggest Loser

So I love the Biggest Loser, it is almost an obsession. To see those people lose that much weight and get their lives back on track and healthy is so empowering. In the finals it is Tara(my favorite), Helen, and America is voting to keep Mike or Ron. Helen is what annoys me about this show. Her and her daughter started off the show together and were a team. Times got tough for these two and their team fell below the line. Instead of the mom sacrificing herself and choosing to go home and workout while her daughter who has her whole life to live stays at the ranch, they booted the daughter. Since that episode I have had little tolerance for Helen. Selfish

I also want to extend a big thanks to Gina for providing me with the Twilight series books. I breezed through the first one and am now trying to set a record for reading the 2nd one. I have to tell myself that I need to sleep and I can't read all night. Addiction. I still can't believe how far I am into the second one and Edward is not in Forks with Bella. Makes me want to read more just talking about it. I am watching the movie this weekend, YEAH!


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