Random Facts Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  We had a very successful night Trick or Treating and got way too much candy, which we won't eat anyways(we give it to my brother-in-law Jeb whose diet consists of candy, pop,etc..) but the boys had fun running dawdling from house to house...SLOWEST TRICK OR TREATERS EVER! I know when my cousins and I were kids that we literally sprinted from house to house...not my kids, we check out the trees, fall in the water puddles, 3 times people, 3 times, trip over leaves....but darn they are so cute!

1. We have season tickets to Iowa football games, I have not attended one...didn't want to find a babysitter, baskeball, crappy weather...you name it I have had an excuse...

2. We recycle Halloween costumes...and I don't care...

3.  Pretty sure I should of been cast as Katniss...pretty sure I didn't like the movie very much...

4. This week flew by...with football, late work events, trick or treat, it was just crazy and my house is reflecting this henceforth this weekend I will be hammering away putting away Halloween decor, cleaning bathrooms(with 3 guys in the house this is so disgusting)n vaccuuming and what not...like i have said before...I love cleaning so this sounds like a good weekend to me!

5. Workouts were fantastic this week, strength training, a couple met-cons, and some treadmill fun were all included...which makes working out a lot more fun when you can vary your workouts and keep your body guessing. 

And someone pointed it out to me that there are 53 days till Christmas...but true to my upbringing Hallmark begins there holiday specials this weekend and I cannot wait!! I don't want to rush the holiday seasons but I do enjoy starting them early:)


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