Tug of War workout and WIAW

Today was cardio day so I put together a tabata workout for Kyle and I. I mixed it up with a lot of different exercises including TUG OF WAR!  It was so much fun battling the hubby ( it was a battle, and I am pretty sure he won the war)

We did 30 seconds balls to the wall, then rest for 15 seconds
Perform each exercise 6 times before moving on

My quads were on fire with the plate pushes and this workout was a quick efficient sweat session
Quick video of the workout
Yesterday's workout focused on arms and I love how my husband captures the good moments of the lifts.  Movements were slow and controlled and by the last couple of reps I was struggling, thank goodness for a workout partner/spotter

And now for our weekly link up with WIAW Jenn at PeasandCrayons

Oh, my goodness, my pictures of eats this past week were non-existent.  I guess with the hubby being gone out of state I was a little less than focused.  I will come back next week with a vengenance.

Leftover paleo turkey soup
Against All Grain Sandwhich Bread, so easy, so good, and I love it when I need a bread fix
My go to fix...Quest Bars
Every morning after my workout, IsaLean Pro Chocolate or Vanilla and IsaGreens.  Check out my website if you are interested.  I love everything about these products.  Good for you, great ingredients...
Paleo breakfast sausage, sauteed apples, and green beans...it was a killer combination
Coffees from co-workers...ahhhh, sweet sweet pumpkin latte

Wow, pretty slim pickins for eats wasn't it.  

Try the workout and let me know what you think?

Are you drinking, eating, baking everything pumpkin yet?
I am well on my way for sure!


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