Where's the flowers?

What the heck...
no flowers today,
no chocolates...what a rip off...everyday should be give mom chocolate and flowers day....

Okay, not everyday, and not chocolate, but I will take purses, cowboy boots, etc...we wish

I did have a pretty fantastic Valentine's Day....see how sweet my boys and hubby are!
Kyle and I didn't go out to eat or do anything special last night seeing as him and Bubba traveled to State Wrestling to watch our local kids compete, which is fine, restaurants are packed so we are just going to go out some other non-busy time.

So... Big E and I got to hang out at home together,
I would say a perfect ending to a perfect day!

Oh and I made these cute little french toast hearts for Cupid's Brunch at work....aren't they adorbs!
Continuing on.....I woke up for Bootcamp bright and early this morning and apparently Big E was done sleeping as he was crying and calling for his mommy....needless to say, I stayed and worked out at home, with him playing along

I went crossfit on the workout this morning....and finished off with sprints on the treadmill...
 I also posted yesterday about an opportunity in March that I am so super stoked for...

Starting now, I am in birthday party mode, house cleaning, cupcake making, present wrapping goodness....

Have a great weekend!


  1. you know i will be trying this workout for sure! and love the snuggle for valentines!


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