I know this....

I am back, busting at the seams to tell you what an exciting two days I have had....
not really....
Just busy with work, boys, life in general

Things I know as of 12:09

I know that the bootcamp workout this morning left me a sweaty mess...
That coming home after a workout and hearing "momma" from this cutie (Bubba is still sleeping) is sweet, sweet music to my ears

I know that I still love 2 ingredient pancakes

I know that I have had a salad for the last 4 work day lunches, same toppings, different protein, and I am not tired of it at all...
I know that the hubby and I are signing up for the Tough Mudder in Chicago, May 18th, and I know that I better get cranking on the training...see last year's recap

I know that I really miss teaching fitness classes.  I love my online personal training, but I miss putting together the workouts, doing them with the class(spin, tabata, etc.)  I am going to have to look into some gyms and see what they have available.

And lastly, I know that family is coming to our house to celebrate the boy's birthdays and I cannot even wait.  It has been way too long!!!

What do you know?
Bo knows...remember that commercial?


  1. oh how i love your boys, so stinking cute! that i KNOW!!
    hope you get to teach again.


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