It's Christmas weekend

Like I said before, we have two more Christmas's and this weekend we knock down one with my mom's side of the family. 

Things always get a little crazy with this side, we have so much fun together. 

Today will probably take FOREVER because I am always so stoked to go home and see family. 

Last night after supper, which was pork roast and veggies...

B and Kyle went in to town for Kyle's volleyball league night and I got to stay home with this wild man who was "loving" on the dogs last night
  And Big E was climbing into anything and everything...including this saddle stand which
Kyle made for my aunt for Christmas
Kyle is not just a hot peice of #@$, that boy has got some skills....

except for plumbing, he has no plumbing ya babe!

 And poor Bo is used as a tackling dummy....
I got a fantastic hour long yoga practice in... after Big E went to bed
Packed suitcases for our trip back and went to bed...

Woke up for 5:30a.m. Bootcamp
blueberries(not shown here, added them after)

And now I am off to work my little tushy off, last day of taking Christmas decorations down...hopefully....


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