Holiday Workout Recap

 A little looksie at my workouts this week....loved them all...and I am loving posting workout recaps, I think it keeps me accountable...and I have got so many encouraging comments saying that my workouts motivate them to get up off the couch...makes the blog all worth it!

Monday: Bike/Bootcamp and a Triceps Backs strength workout

Tuesday: Strength workout-legs, and sprint workout on treadmill

Wednesday: 4th of July....a husband and wife #crossfit WOD 
Repeat WOD 3x....
Thursday: Bootcamp with a Back and Biceps Strength Workout
 *Forgot my heart rate monitor that day, I feel lost without it:) I love being able to see my output.

 Friday: Bike/Bootcamp with a Shoulders/Abs Workout

That is my workouts up until should really try the sprint treadmill workout, that was a doozie but it goes by so fast since you are constantly changing your pace.

Have you been running in the heat? Not I, I will stick to my treadmill!

P.S. GNC Meta-Ignite, Pro-Sculpt, and Phsyio-Burn powered me through these workouts, no doubt about this stuff!


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