Workout Recap: All about the Treadmill

This week was filled with lots of treadmill workouts....either to train for my races or for some Cardio Intervals for Best Body Bootcamp,(which is still going fantastically, I love strength training and the supersets Phase we just completed)

I was reading through Enjoy Your Life Blog and came across this treadmill workout and thought I would give it a try.  It did not disappoint.  I loved it and I loved going from varying speeds throughout the workout. I was a sweaty mess.....

It is always fun to try workouts from different people...keeps your body guessing...and it is nice to have someone else think of a workout for you....

Combine these treadmill workouts, Best Body Bootcamp workouts, my Bootcamp gym workouts, and Yoga, and I had one busy week.  Hope you enjoy the treadmill workouts!

Got some kids workouts, some Tabatas, and few suprises up my sleeve,  in the works for this week!  Can't wait to get them posted!

Have a great day!


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