WIAW- Extra Cup of Veggies

Good Morning...linking up with Jenn @ PeasandCrayons again for this week's What I Ate Wednesday.  Jenn took a "Veg Pledge" to eat an extra cup of vegetables every day, for two weeks.  What an awesome challenge.  I love it.  Technically this post is not in regards to this month's challenge yet, but my pictures for next week sure have it covered.  I like the challenge and I am jumping on board and going with it!  Here are my eats from last week...dinner time was so screwed up for us that I never got any pictures....so what I should say.... here are my breakfast and snack pictures...

* Chobani makes an appearance almost daily but I am just posting a couple pictures or it would be an all chobani WIAW!
*I am sensing an oatmeal pattern....oatmeal/AB, oatmeal/granola. oatmeal/Chobani, oatmeal and butterscotch cookies(recipe is being posted as we speak, hopefully.....)
*I love eggs with veggies....and for my whole wheat bagels...I used almond butter and chocolate Energy First protein powder(nutella replica perfection)
*Wine IS a food group....HOLLA! 
Nothing too exciting....hope you enjoyed and thanks for stopping by!


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