Why I blog..

While visiting with some friends this weekend we got to chatting about the internet and blogs and we started talking about this little blog that I babble/write/post pictures on....and questions came up as to was it worth putting the time into, why do I do it, and where is it going?  Amen is all I have to say because I have tossed, thrown, battled those questions on a daily basis.

I got to thinking while running on the treadmill about the "pros and cons" of doing this blog and this is what I came up with.............

By posting my workouts I keep myself accountable to those workouts and I like sharing workouts with other people

I have met a lot of great bloggers who are so supportive, knowledgeable, and know how to WORK-OUT!!!

The different products it has introduced me to is phenomenal, there are so many fitness related drinks, protein powders, etc...that I have never tried and probably would have never known about if it hadn't been the recommendations of fellow bloggers

Not gonna lie, you can win some pretty fantastic giveaway prizes...

I get to post my workouts, my recipes, and my helpful tips that I have acquired as a Personal Trainer and Yoga teacher


 It is a LOT of work, finding time to write, thinking of new

I wonder if anybody really reads this blog, I have maybe a handful of followers.(who I am very grateful for) but would they miss my blog if it was gone from their reader...probably not.  I think I write hoping that my workouts, recipes, blog posts inspire someone to try something new

I suck at writing...and I am really trying to work on it...be more creative, be more open, but all of the above have never been my strong suit.  Goal....work on blog writing...check

 So.... there you have it my little list of pros and cons of "why I blog".....

I guess what it boils down to is this, even if no one really reads my blog, even if I never do anything significant with this blog, the fact remains that it is my blog, and the words I write are my own, the workouts I post are laced with my blood sweat and tears.....and that is perfectly fine with me!


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