A Birthday Weekend Recap

A very busy BIRTHDAY weekend!

 What a great birthday weekend. So many fun things going on...the hubs is a volunteer firefighter and every year they have a fish fry, and it was held on Friday night, to raise money for the fire department, and us wives help out do all the work(just kidding...it takes every last person to make it go smoothly)...it is crazy busy, and this year was no exception....

Saturday was spent with my parents, who came down for the fish fry, and helped me celebrate the turning of another year....yes, I am now 32...ouch...seriously, where has time gone, I can remember thinking my aunt was old at 30...and now I am past that....I am okay with getting older though, I feel great, am enjoying pushing myself working out, loving life, loving my boys, almost winning the MEGA MILLIONS..April Fool's..can you imagine.....I look forward to what year 32 will bring me!

And here is where it gets crazy....cough cough...Saturday night.....some of our bestest friends came to help me celebrate the big 3-2...so out we headed to the Winery, not only to partake in the aforementioned drink, but to also help support the Lymphoma and Leukemia society.  It was so nice out and the company was fantatastic...couldn't of asked for a better birthday!

 A few pictures from the rest of the weekend to finish out the post.  Hope you enjoyed....I love weekends spent with family and friends!


  1. I didn't know it was your birthday!!! Shot... I could of made "an announcement" over the mic at the Winery! LOL!

    Seriously ... thanks for spending your birthday with us... and all the love you've sent our way! ... back at ya'



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