Saturday: Visiting them parents back home
*Hubs and I got a refreshing 5 mile run in before the kids were awake....air was crisp, the pace was good, and we enjoyed the run
*Sisters,dad,kids, and I went for a walk around town to get ice cream.... kind of staple once summer rolls around and we come to visit...
*Hubs and I got a great Playground Obstacle Course workout in, with 50 mile hour winds whipping us around....
*While celebrating my neice's birthday we headed outside for a tenacious game of I did not win, yes I am still bitter about it

Bootcamp and BestBody Bootcamp and this hellacious, sweat inducing workout: My legs felt like jello!
 Rest Day
Got in a nice 30 minute walk outside, enjoying the beautiful weather, at work for our Mileage Club

*Bootcamp, Best Body Bootcamp, 30 minute run/jog
*Volleyball Rec League Championships....:SINGING "WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS MY FRIENDS", (for like the 8th year in a row, but who is keeping track)
Feel free to address me as Kerri Walsh from now on...and I am working on my abs so they look like hers

Best Body Bootcamp, leg killer, mine literally felt like jello for the whole afternoon....LOVED IT!
*Put together this beauty for the treadmill....30 minutes, 3.5 miles, nothing but sweat and tears, and sprinting....

So, there you have it, my crazy workouts for the week.  Please share and enjoy!


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