Workout Recap

This is what my workouts consisted of last week, couple brutal ones I put myself through but felt good to do them.  I love working up a great sweat.  Hope you enjoy! Someone asked me when I do strength training.  I get quite a bit from my Tabatas, Interval Workouts,  and Bootcamp class at the gym, if I don't then I will incorporate it into my cardio workouts.

Bootcamp Workout at the gym
Fit2Flex50 challenge exercises
This "kicked my booty" Elliptical workout:
Rest Day
30 minute easy walk
Fit2Flex50 challenge exercises

Bootcamp at the gym
30 Minute Treadmill Run. gradually increasing each minute by 5...started at 5 ,went through 8.5...did this for 30 minutes
Fit2Flex50 challenge exercises

This treadmill workout, kind of just jumped on and away I went, got bored at 10 minutes so decided to increase the speed each time...worked well and it made the workout go know how I love intervals
Bootcamp at the gym
Inversion Yoga workshop

Yoga Class
 Treadmill/Tabata Workout ( I am working on posting videos for how to do these exercises, but if you have questions in the meantime, comment or email me)  These two workouts together was awesome for me..

I really enjoyed the sprinting for 20 seconds and then resting for was just enough for me to handle where I was out of breath but could still run effectively and get a good sprint workout in.

Lots of Yoga, which I love, but my body was definitely exhausted

So there you workouts from last week...hope you enjoy...any questions feel free to ask!


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