Apple Pear, and Smoked Gouda goodness

Does this or does this not look absolutely delicious.....well if it doesn't look like it, believe is....and here is the recipe...pretty easy


2 slices of Bagel Thin, Sandwhich Thins, whatever kind of bread you want
1 apple pear sliced up
1 thin slice of smoked gouda cheese
As much spinach as you like on your sandwhich,  I love a lot of spinach
Avocado spread on one side of the bread( or you can use vegannaise, mayonnaise...whatever you like)
Plop this baby on the panini maker and let it hang out and get all melty and carmelized(pears) and what you will have is a taste explosion of epic proportions! 
(If you don't have a panini maker, put it in a pan on the oven and another pan on top to hold it down, thanks Jenn for asking!)


  1. Holy moly that looks delicious!!! Question - how do I get those results without using a panini maker (which I don't have *frown*)?

    1. Just place it in a pan on the stove and place another pan on top to smoosh it together!


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