App that changed my life...sort of

I had to write this post about and amazing Android app that I found out about.... only does anything and everything...
I am a huge list person, OCD organizer, and a magazine clipper(recipes, workouts, etc...) I have so many binders full of recipes and workouts, I should never have to buy another cookbook or be stumped for a workout....but there lies the problem....binders, laying around, taking up space..
until now......
(enter angels singing HALLELUJAH) 

...truth be told if it is in a magazine there is probably an online version...and with Evernote you can clip those url's, selections or pages and categorize them so they are at your fingertips whenever you want them. 

What do you have to do:  Download the app to your phone, and download the PC version to your computer from their website.  Bada Bing bada are ready to go.  

Example:  Saw a recipe for Healthy Donut Muffins by my girl Kristine over at Busy But Healthy and I knew I wanted to try I need to save it for later...instead of printing it and wasting paper I just highlighted the recipe, clicked on the evernote tab(see red star...)

and saved evernote on my computer which automatically syncs with my app, so now it is with me if I need to get the ingredients for the recipe in the store and it is at home on my PC for when I am baking them....ahhh, organization.....

You will have to set up your notebooks, I have notebooks for races that I want to sign up for, recipes, workouts, groceries, and so can have a notebook for whatever.  Hopefully I explained this well enough and have intrigued you....I know it has made things a lot more convenient and organized around here!


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