WIAW while cleansing with Isagenix

My WIAW does not include any pictures this week since I was cleansing on Tuesday and Wednesday, so meals were out of the question. So Jenn at Peas and Crayons was curious what I ate on my cleanse. So here it is.


I am a consultant with Isagenix and  love with their cleansing and nutrition system. I was feeling some bloating and out of sorts, which kind of triggers to me that I need to do a deep cleanse. The best thing about this cleanse, you aren't running to the bathroom, the toxins are expunged through urination(why do I feel weird typing that). 

Here is my schedule for cleansing:
I went with the 30 Day Cleanse System. I figured if I am going to do this and see results I am going to do it right.  I have not looked back since.  I have lost 5lbs so far, doing it about a week, feel more energized, and just overall a better feeling, it is weird to describe.  I haven't measured my inches but my pants feel more loose...
Now on the first two days of the deep cleanse, there is practically no food, you can snack on the Isagenix Snacks that come in the pack, some celery, a half an apple at times...but honestly, I didn't feel the need to snack, at times I would get the hunger pains, but I would drink some water and they would go away.  I munched on an apple and celery if I needed to but I never felt like I was going to die from not eating...(obviously you should lose some weight since you aren't consuming calories, but it is also detoxifying your body)

Days 3-30 vary between cleansing days and "shake days"

My daily schedule for shake days:
Breakfast: Isalean Shake(the chocolate is scrumptious) with Ionix Supreme(I like Ionix mixed with something, berry flavored anything are not really my cup o tea, but I deal with it)

Mid Morning Snack: 200-300 calories...I like apples with natural peanut butter, hummus with whole wheat pita bread, egg white scramble on a whole wheat thin bun, isagenix snacks, something with a complex carb and a protein

Lunch: 400-500 calories, again, something that includes a complex carb and a protein, salads with chicken or turkey breast, tuna, the list goes on and on

 Late Afternoon Snack: Same as morning snack

Dinner: I vary between a shake option and an actual dinner.  I eat clean and enjoy cooking supper for my family. 
If you need a night snack, I try to go for the Isagenix snacks or some air popped popcorn...

This is just a generalized what I do, it changes from day to day, and varying schedules. 

The nice thing about this stuff, is that after 30 days, I will continue take my cleanse once or twice a day and know that I am still cleansing and getting rid of the toxins and my Ionix Supreme will supply me with the stuff that I need. You continue to focus on making clean whole meals for you and your family.   This is a lifestyle change, not a "your done now" don't know what else to do. 

Sorry to ramble on, if you are interested in anything at all, please let me know or check out my site.  I love jabbering on and on about it....obviously:)

Till next week....



  1. I work with a fitness professional who is in love with Isagenix and even on a maintenance basis swears by their shakes and 'cookies'. She put another friend of mine on this cleanse and he lost 30 lbs! (He had 30 lbs to lose of course). I have yet to try it as I'm going with my naturopath's recommendations and I don't think I have more than about 10 lbs or so to lose before I reach a worrisome weight but I think it's an awesome program for maintenance cleansing too!


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